Augmented reality and beyond.

Over the last decade we have witnessed the evolution of laparoscopic techniques with the implementation of robot-assisted surgery and other novel technologies and instruments. Imaging has evolved together with the surgical technologies and CT / RM - based 3D reconstructions have become one of the key point for precision surgery.
With the present seventh edition the TUM aims to highlight how the road from “cognitive” procedures to augmented reality is leading us toward a next level of surgery.
The scientific program of this 3-days event will include an exciting combination of live surgery sessions, lectures and thought-provoking debates featuring the world’s experts in the field.
Key topics will be discussed with a focus on recent groundbreaking updates in urologic oncology during the first day, live surgery sessions featuring advanced procedure in laparoscopic, robot-assisted and image-guided surgery.

The pure laparoscopic cases will be performed with the 4K IMAGE1 S and broadcast to the auditorium by a full 4K transmission.
Each delegate will be given the opportunity to experience the amazing 4K quality of view, without missing any anatomical details and make the most of the live surgery session.

For this reason, we are confident that this edition of the TUM will be, once again, a unique opportunity of “tasting” the latest advancements and innovations in urologic surgery. We would like to welcome those who have decided to come back after joining us during the previous editions, and those who are new to the TUM.

We look forward to seeing you in Turin!

Kindest regards.

Francesco Porpiglia

Evangelos Liatsikos

Alex Mottrie