Modern surgical practice has been evolved by the introduction of innovative technologies during the last decades and with the technological improvement minimally invasive urologic surgery is a reality, especially in tertiary care centres.

Imaging has evolved together with the surgical technologies and CT / RM – based 3D reconstructions have become one of the key point for “precision surgery”.

In this scenario, augmented reality that enhance the real anatomy with the 3D virtual images has gained popularity and is leading us toward a “next” level of surgery.

With the present eight edition, the Techno- Urology Meeting aims to highlight the breakthroughs of extended reality.

The virtual environment will drive the surgeons during all the phases of the intervention: thanks to the head-mount display system, the “mixed reality” experience will assist the preoperative planning, whilst intraoperatively the latest evolution of augmented reality software with the implementation of artificial intelligence will allow a real automatic computer-assisted surgery.

The scientific program will include a stimulating combination of live surgery sessions and lectures and will be enriched by an outstanding SURS meeting which encompasses the most important key points of modern surgery.

We would like to welcome those who have decided to come back after joining us during the previous editions, and those who are new to the TUM.

We look forward to seeing you in Turin!

Kindest regards.

Riccardo Autorino

Alex Mottire

Jihad H. Kaouk

Francesco Porpiglia